Dry January Day Eight

I didn’t post last night. I didn’t post last night because, for several hours, I did not look at my phone. I did not look at my phone because, for the first time in recent memory, my husband and I sat down to eat a yummy meal at an actual table and talked for several hours. We talked about a lot of big stuff that we have needed to talk about for several weeks but that has gotten pushed aside with the craziness of the holidays. It was a big talk. A necessary talk. And a good talk. And it occurs to me that before Dry January, when I was drinking six or seven nights a week, I wouldn’t have been capable of a talk like this because I would have been too tired and/or irritable and/or distracted. I have thought a lot about how Dry January is improving my life and making me a better mom to my kids, but I realize it’s also making me a better wife and partner to my husband. Long-simmering tension is lifting, I can see issues with greater clarity and discuss them with greater compassion. And my gratitude continues to grow.


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