Dry January Day Nine

These are my kids. But this is also how I felt 9 days ago. “This seems like a good idea… or is it? Will I get a great experience out of this or will I get crushed?” Nine days in, the answer is pretty darn clear.

Today I accomplished a fun personal fitness milestone: I completed my 100th ride on my beloved Peloton bike. I have been a regular in the Tuesday 6am class for several months because I can sneak down to the basement and get in a great workout with my favorite instructor before my household erupts into the day’s chaos. And even though my legs felt heavy today, it was not because I had several drinks last night – it was because I had a kick-ass kickboxing workout yesterday and a spin class the day before that. I marvel at – and try not to beat myself up about – the fact that I used to routinely do this 6am ride hungover. Or if not fully hungover, certainly hazy from the wine I’d imbibed the night before. I am still exploring my penchant for self-sabotage but feeling grateful that I am also a rule-follower. And right now the rule is no booze. Self-sabotage is not an option because I am sober and tracking my points like a boss. Could I actually be changing ingrained behaviors and habits? Only nine days into this experiment? I think I might be! And it is liberating.

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