Dry January Day 11

I started my day jolted awake from a booze-imbibing anxiety dream (just a dream, didn’t drink the booze, didn’t know this was a common thing! Yikes!) and that sort of set the tone for the day. Everything about the day was off. And this off day culminated in a dinner out at what used to be one of my favorite restaurants because they are very generous with their wine pours. However, without my huge–ass glass of Sauvignon Blanc, the food seemed only so-so and worth neither the boatload of smart points nor making my kids 20 minutes late for bath and bedtime. I’m tired, I feel gross after eating a sub-par dinner, and I just feel fried. I wasn’t tempted to drink so much (because I am a rule-follower after all) but I definitely was missing it tonight. Very eager to not miss wine and I don’t know if I ever won’t. But I made it through, and tomorrow is a new day with new points and new opportunities – and hopefully no anxiety dreams tonight!


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