Waste not Waist

I did it!

I drank one glass with dinner and poured the rest of the open bottle down the drain. No more open bottles around the house for the foreseeable. This is good.

Having the glass with dinner was good for me in a few ways:

  • It helped soften the blow of “wasting” this wine, as I am still at the beginning of the process of retraining my brain to understand that it is better to have it go to waste in my drain than in my body;
  • It confirmed for me what I experienced on Sunday, that drinking is just not as pleasurable as I perceived it to be (though no sneezing this time); and
  • I was able to observe how, after drinking, I just wanted to keep eating and started craving crap – how on earth would I ever have reached my goals if I had kept drinking the way I was before Dry January?!

And of course having this glass of wine was bad for me too:

  • I felt instantly dulled and sluggish;
  • I didn’t like the taste; and
  • I lost self-control and ate too many bites of my hubby’s sesame chicken takeout AND had dessert, busting into my weeklies and losing my blue dot today.

So. Lessons learned, the wine is gone, and tomorrow is a new day.


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