Hello from London

… where, on a bus tour today, I learned the origin of the term “off the wagon” – which is appropriate considering how I’ve been eating since we’ve been here.

While my kids and our familial jetlag have not allowed too much time for reflection, I have definitely noticed that my eating and drinking habits have changed. And that is such a profound relief. Yes, I am “off the wagon” right now. I am not tracking, and I’m eating all my favorite British foods. I’m drinking wine with dinner too. I will gain weight while I’m here. But I’m already looking forward to getting back “on the wagon” when we get home (as much as I don’t want this wonderful trip to end!). I need vegetables. And I need to be back in a country where Nutella comes in plastic, not glass, and doesn’t taste good enough to spend points on it.

I wish I didn’t want to drink wine with dinner. But I’m reminding myself that drinking a glass of wine with dinner while on vacation is a far cry from drinking a bottle a night at home. We are staying in an apartment here and I have not bought any wine to keep in the fridge – that, too, is progress from our last vacation over the summer where I had an ever-present bottle in our hotel rooms for the necessary night-cap. Or three.

So, I’m not where I want to be in terms of having self-control with my favorite junk food. And I’m not where I want to be with alcohol. But there was a time not so long ago where I couldn’t even imagine being where I am now. Limiting myself to one glass of wine. Not having fish and chips every day just because I can. I simply didn’t believe in myself. And now I do. And that is progress.

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