Oh Damn I’m Ditching Sugar Too

So that little voice of mine decided to pipe up again. You know, the one who told me to take a year off booze? Yeah. Her. She seems pretty darn determined that it would be a good idea for me to drop added sugar and artificial sweeteners for the next two weeks.

Thanks A LOT, conscious mind. Or gut. Or whoever I decide you actually are once I figure it out.

Damn. So I guess I’m off sugar starting tomorrow. Two weeks. That will take me to my July monthly Lifetime weigh-in, and then two days later it will be Day 365. And I want to feel pretty great on that day. So. Here we are.

As reliant as I am on sugar, and as scary as this should seem, I feel similar to how I felt when I took my booze breaks. Which is to say, I am relieved. I am relieved that I am putting a firm rule into place. There is comfort in being able to draw a line that I know I won’t cross, rule-follower that I am. I’m also a bit nervous though. During the next two weeks we have my dad and stepmom visiting, and I will also be PMSing. Two great excuses to go off the rails. I’m nervous about not being able to turn to a pint of ice cream, or light ice cream, or froyo, for comfort.

Why ditch sugar? Why now? It’s not just because I want to feel strong and svelte on July 4. My craving-conquering skills need honing. I am more of an aprés-surf girl than an urge-surfer – by which I mean I’d rather sit on my butt and indulge and deal with the consequences later than actually do the hard thing and ride out the sugar crave-wave.

My one year alcohol-free will be over in 17 days. I have no desire to drink again (WOOHOO!), but I know that my subconscious will be piqued when my steadfast no booze rule is no longer in place. Yes, I could go for a second consecutive AF year. But I also want to see where I am once the ban is lifted, to see if I can successfully and contentedly navigate life as a non-drinker without formally declaring a booze break.

So I figure, if I can go two weeks without added sugar and artificial sweeteners, I will feel pretty darn empowered. My alcohol cravings have basically vanished, but my sugar cravings have never been stronger. If I can spend these next two weeks surfing strong sweet cravings, starving the sugar monster, and practicing healthy coping strategies, I know I will feel better about popping my safe, snug OYAF bubble.

Two weeks. I can do this. Feel free to join me – there’s strength in numbers!

9 thoughts on “Oh Damn I’m Ditching Sugar Too”

  1. Great to hear that! I too, have been off sugar, for 2 months now…and don’t want to go back, you will understand, once you are free from its grasp. Hard to find other ways of dealing with stress overload though- meditation is great, fruit and raisins were indispensable once I went “off” sugar, and grape juice-only needed it for a couple weeks. thanks for doing this, and the blog post too!

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    1. Oh wow! It’s so helpful to hear from you! I am indeed in sugar’s grasp right now, fighting to get out. I hope these next couple of weeks get me on my way. Thank you for your comment!


  2. Wow you have a lot going on at this particular time! (family coming, pms on its way, sobriety milestone after which you hope to continue AF…) I have done sugar/sweetener-free for periods and yes it is stressful but most particularly around family (I once had a sweetener-free birthday cake during a three-month stint, it was not good lol).
    On previous alcohol-free stints I loaded a lot onto my plate (or perhaps off my plate, and onto my shoulders) and that ultimately didn’t work out for me the way I’d hoped it would. This time I’m trying to go easier on myself — though, easier said than done. :)) However, I don’t buy Nutella except once in a blue moon. ;)) Our family diet is mostly whole-grain plant-based anyway, so I’m okay with that for now instead of stressfully restricting myself. Congrats on nearly a year and big hugs for your sobriety!


    1. Thank you so much! The sugar-free time has been a lot easier than anticipated, which is great. My cravings for sugar have decreased dramatically and I’m finding that I’m loving healthy fats and just generally having more steady energy throughout the day. Totally worth it! Hugs back to you!


      1. That is great to hear and very inspiring. I’ve actually been gearing up to a point where it might actually feel wholistically better for me to once again reduce my sugar intake… I remember a time when I was strict vegan (including no white sugar, no honey… this basically meant no added sweetener since I didn’t use much else…) and I felt seriously so good… and never got sick with colds etc. So glad to hear it’s going well for you. Might give it a try again and see how it feels.


  3. Lol was just going to comment/ask questions on your insta page and then remembered you had this blog. Way to go on 1 year af. I am a month shy of 2 years and somewhere along the way saw your page/blog and began following you.

    Have also been sugar free for a couple months now because I find it helps with my cravings a lot. Monkfruit (lankto I think the brand is) got me through the first couple weeks then after that banana “ice cream” using pb for the fat to make it creamy and banana only for sweet (also some vanilla extract – alcohol free of course lol – and cocoa powder for chocolatey goodness) and sugar free muffins packed with fruit for sweetness have been my go-tos. Anyway, good luck! Know you can do it and thanks for the inspiration you’ve given by sharing your journey!


    1. Thank you so much! I want that banana ice cream recipe! 🙂 (Seriously though I do.) Congrats on almost 2 years AF and also going SF! Such huge accomplishments. Rooting for YOU!


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