About Me

Hi, I’m Jen, a former #winemom and aspiring writer, feeling my way into my 40s. You know, now that I feel things instead of numbing all the feels with sauvignon blanc. I have been alcohol-free since July 5, 2018. I have been dye-free and embracing my silver strands since February 12, 2020. I have been an archaeologist, a nonprofit fundraiser, and a kickboxing instructor. And now I’m maintaining my sobriety, my sanity, and my sense of self as I figure out where I’m going next.

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My first booze break was Dry January 2018. I followed that with another 76-day alcohol-free stint in the spring. Each time I returned to drinking, I found it more of a burden than the pleasure I used to perceive it to be. I committed to One Year Alcohol-Free on July 5, 2018, and I am still going strong.

This blog grew out of Connect, the WW social media network. Through Connect I committed to Dry January to kick off 2018, and posted daily to track my progress. I found writing those posts to be extremely cathartic and motivational. A few Connect friends suggested I should write a blog. I’ve always enjoyed this style of writing, so here I am.

Right now, I identify most strongly as a mom. But over the past nine years, I have occasionally lost myself in the crazy overwhelming world of motherhood. I hope writing this blog will help me maintain my self, my sanity, my creativity. More good habits and fewer bad ones. I hope this blog will help me stay open and accountable. And I’m excited to see where it leads.