Hi, I’m Jen.

An occasional supermom of two aspiring superheroes, I have been known to polish off a jar of Nutella and/or a bottle of wine in one sitting.

But after six years of motherhood under my too-tight belt, I decided to cut the Nutella habit and invest in self-care. In 2017, I lost 25 pounds with Weight Watchers (now WW) and started exercising regularly again. In 2018, I maintained my weight loss, ramped up my workouts, and began to explore my relationship with wine.

My first booze break was Dry January 2018. I followed that with another 76-day alcohol-free stint in the spring. Each time I returned to drinking, I found it more of a burden than the pleasure I used to perceive it to be. I committed to One Year Alcohol-Free on July 5, 2018, and I am still going strong.

This blog grew out of Connect, the WW social media network. Through Connect I committed to Dry January to kick off 2018, and posted daily to track my progress. I found writing those posts to be extremely cathartic and motivational. A few Connect friends suggested I should write a blog. I’ve always enjoyed this style of writing, so here I am.

I am calling this blog Maintaining Mama because “maintenance” means a lot of different – and all important – things to me. In WW lingo, once you reach your goal weight you are officially in “maintenance mode.” I reached my initial goal weight and hopped on the maintenance bandwagon in May 2017. Turns out the bandwagon, for me, has been more of a rollercoaster.

Maintaining my weight loss will not happen if I don’t also maintain my workouts. Right now I aim for six workouts per week: three Peloton rides and three kickboxing classes. Plus some extra strength training when I can and stretching as much as I can. So, under the Maintaining Mama umbrella, I include exercise, because exercise is an integral part of my life and I want it to stay that way.

Most importantly, Maintaining Mama also means maintaining my sense of self. Right now, I identify most strongly as a mom. But over the past six years, I have occasionally lost myself in the crazy overwhelming world of motherhood. I hope writing this blog will help me maintain myself, my sanity, my creativity. More good habits and fewer bad ones. I hope this blog will help me stay honest and accountable. And I’m excited to see where it leads.