Like a Rock

Oh wait, no I didn’t! Because I slept like an absolute rock until my alarm went off at 5:45 so I could make my 6am spin class. Dry January Day 1 was a success! Although I felt tired, waking with a clear head was such a relief. Today will be a challenge because it’s my first solo sober witching hour since before the holidays. But I’m feeling so motivated. Just gotta keep this momentum going! Congrats to all of us who are committed to a dry January for getting through the first day!


Back on Track Y’All!

I was VERY hesitant to step on the scale this morning but I’ll take a 4lb holiday gain! I thought it would be much worse. So excited to face 2018 head on, 20lbs lighter than I was this time last year and more determined than ever to get back to goal and embrace maintenance instead of fighting against it. Happy New Year!


Bring On Dry January!

The wine glass is in the dish rack, and will be packed away with the rest of the Christmas dishes tomorrow. There is no more open wine in my house. And I must say, I am more excited to start my first dry January tomorrow than I was to drink my last sips of wine tonight. And that is thanks to all of you here who have shown me camaraderie and support as I attempt something that is a huge personal challenge for me. Bring it, 2018! I’m ready!